Aries Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits and Sign Dates

The Sun in Aries: Personality Traits & Characteristics

Ruler: Mars

Prevalent Traits: Decisiveness, courage, impulsiveness, foolish, intuition

The solar sign reveals information about each individual’s personality. It gives us crucial data about your essence, the core of your soul.

When Aries begins something, they hardly finish it         

Aries is the first season in the Zodiacal year. This sign is deeply related to impulsiveness, which is why we often feel the need to start something new when the year just started.

Those with the sun in Aries are very self-oriented. They mind their own business and go around the world without caring about what others have to say. They stick to their ideals so much is very hard to change their minds once an idea has gotten inside their heads.

Their impulsivity may lead them to start something new often, but they rarely finish it. Aries individuals need to learn how to manage their energy to keep themselves focused on one thing.

This impulsiveness to start new things doesn’t have to be perceived as something negative. Once they found out a way to follow a single path, they will stick to it no matter what happens. However, they may find obstacles on the road, which may lead them to abandon what took them so hard to get used to.

They are great leaders and a great source of positivity.

Aries individuals live each day like it is their last. Optimism is one of the main keywords we can use to describe this sign. They have so much energy that sometimes it becomes difficult to manage it, and they end up making a mess. Sometimes they are seen as childish by those who know them.

They are great competitors and like to work fast. They are great at working under pressure, and often enjoy it. They use it as a way to improve their abilities and become a better version of themselves. However, again, it’s effortless for them to lose focus.

They are like captains, and life is their ship. They will take whatever path they think is correct, and others will very rarely change their mind. This braveness to not listen to reasons can be a virtue or a problem in the long-term. For said reason, it’s not weird to see Aries individuals as self-employed people. They are natural-born leaders!

Patience is not one of Aries’ virtues.

Aries people detest waiting. If they want something, they want to have it or to happen right now. They will not listen to everyone else’s opinions and act as they please. People with the sun in Aries have problems with individuals with higher authority, and will often cause problems for them. They need to feel like they are in control of the situation almost all the time.

If problems are not happening, Aries will very likely start them. They like challenges, which is why they often find themselves exploring unknown territories where many people do not dare to set foot. This makes them great adventurers, but they need to learn how to use their energy to keep things controlled.

Sometimes, they forget their actions have directly affected those who surround them. They have a difficult time trying to understand how others feel, which is why they can be perceived as insensitive during specific situations.