Cancer Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits and Sign Dates

The Sun in Cancer: Personality Traits & Characteristics

Element: Water

Ruler: The Moon

Prevalent Traits: empathy, sensitiveness, liableness, overprotection, family-oriented

The solar sign reveals information about each individual’s personality. It gives us crucial data about your essence, the core of your soul.

Those with the sun in Cancer are often searching for a connection with others. Even if they don’t demonstrate it, many Cancer individuals have high emotional intelligence. That enables them to be great friends. You can rely on if you need emotional support.

This is a water sign, which means sensitiveness is prevalent.

However, sometimes they can let their emotions get the best (or worst) of them. This hypersensitivity can be seen as an advantage or disadvantage, depending on what they use it for.  Even if they have high emotional intelligence, they often don’t know how to handle their sensitivity.

They are deeply emotional people, and the connections they make with others have great importance in their lives, especially when it comes to family. Most of the time, Cancer is portrayed as a family-oriented sign due to its protective and supportive nature. Most Cancer individuals give great importance to domestic life.

Their concept of home is crucial, and they make a great effort in maintaining peace and serendipity within their houses. It is a safe place for them, and they often use it as a shell where they can protect themselves from the dangers and distress of the outside world. This is the reason why Cancer is portrayed as a crab.

Hospitality comes naturally when you’re born with the sun in Cancer. There is no doubt why some of the best entertainers and hosts have Cancer as their zodiacal sign. Most of the time, they are excellent cooks and can develop their abilities until they earn a good place in the food industry. For them, making their loved ones feel safe, protected, and comfortable is one of the world’s most important things.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign. This means they are significantly active, and they act in their emotions most of the time. As great as Cancerians may be seen, their emotions tens to be very intense, and they often are overprotective, especially with themselves. They will take almost everything personally, and they’ll make sure you know that. Their vulnerability is high, which is why they act in ways most people can perceive as passive-aggressive during particular situations.

Cancer people are deeply bound to their family and their loved ones. While this can be perceived as positive, they can put others’ wellbeing above their own and often neglect their own emotions to keep other people happy.

Projecting themselves into others is something they often do. All these characteristics can bring significant problems to Cancer because they will find a hard time trying to reach their individuality.

Those with the sun in Cancer may have very explosive emotions. Many times, they react inappropriately to external triggers. To maintain their mental wellbeing, Cancer must learn how to control their emotions to keep themselves happy and those who surround them.