Capricorn Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits and Sign Dates

The Sun In Capricorn: Personality and Characteristics

Ruler: Saturn

Element: Earth

Prevalent traits: Seriousness, prudency, coldness, restrictiveness, authority, ambition

Capricorns are known due to their perseverance and hard work.

Those that are born with the sun in Capricorn are remarkably known due to their perseverance. They are hard-working individuals, and most of the time, they don’t have to say anything. Their actions speak for them. This helps them to achieve any goal they may have in mind. Capricornians take the road to success very seriously.

This is one of Capricorn’s prevalent traits, but that does not mean every individual feels the same. They often take advantage and try to make the most of all the resources they have in hand. Capricornians may find themselves having a hard time sometimes, but that’s part of the road. They are patient and enduring individuals, and their ruler, Saturn, provides them the strength to achieve the goals they have in mind.

Capricorn is one of the most responsible and prudent signs of the Zodiac.

When Capricorn has something in mind, they will work very hard until they achieve it. This trait is often seen in their professional lives, but it can also appear in other aspects of their life, like romance. However, the road to success is long, and they learn many life lessons throughout the journey.

Talking about responsibility, they will take care of anything they feel needs to be completed. Capricorn is an Earth sign that will use all the resources available, which means they find potential in things people often think are worth nothing.

If Capricorn is going to do something, they will make sure it’s well-done. They care deeply about what others have to think about them, which is why they often keep some things to themselves. They are aware that their actions affect their environment, and that’s why they try to make the most of them.

The road to success is long, but Capricorn will very likely achieve it.

A Capricorn may find trouble when dealing with people that don’t take their life goals as seriously as they do. They can be perceived as stubborn by others, but that’s part of their nature, and sometimes they can’t help but act that way.

They may start seeing some of their goals achieved by the time they turn 30. They will often feel like others reach success easily while working very hard to have their dreams fulfilled. However, they will very hardly give up. They are perseverant and will enjoy all the things that come along on the road.

Capricorns become wise without realizing it. They can become excellent teachers and leaders.

Capricorns are not completely serious; they are also entertaining!

Capricorns are one of the most sensual signs of the Zodiac. Some Capricorns may be a bit too indulgent for their own good. They often don’t demonstrate this facet of their personality in public, but another story is told behind closed doors.

They are almost as sexual and desirable as Scorpio, but they are very selective about it. Their prudence enables them to know when to bring their wild nature to the game.